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begins with talking to someone who cares. Now you can do that from the comfort of your own home!


self-esteem issues


post-traumatic stress disorder

bereavement and loss


panic attacks


issues of immigration and cultural integration,

work-related stress

relationship issues


post-natal depression

sleep problems    

Are you feeling lost, sad, lonely or upset?

Or you simply need someone to talk to?

If you are abroad, I work on Skype to help you from the comfort of your own home. 

If you happen to be in Belgrade, Serbia  feel free to contact me to book your sessions in person. 



Meet Nadja

I am a qualified counsellor and psychologist and I work with clients using Skype. 

My aim is to provide you a safe, confidential and judgement-free space to explore your issues and make your daily life and functioning easier. I want to build a trustworthy relationship with you where we can reflect on your self-awareness and relating to yourself and others.

I work in English and Serbian language.

Please contact me to arrange a session. 



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Need someone to talk to?

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