What are my fees?

I will do my best to adapt my fees to your financial circumstances because I think that you have already made an important step by deciding to ask for help, and I do not want the price to stop you from getting the help you need
Why Online & how does that work?
Nowadays, most of use a variety of tools to stay in touch with friends and relatives, but they can also help us create new relationships, like the one I am inviting you to create with me.
Counselling is all about a relationship of confidence, a safe and trusting environment that encourages you to open up and talk about things that bother you. Therefore, I take confidentiality seriously and I will always be alone in a confidential space whenever we talk. I also like wearing headphones, to ensure that nobody except me can hear you. On your side, you should also ensure you have private space and time to talk. The use of headphones is up to you, but I would recommend it.

I have decided to work online because we live in a busy world, where time and distance are often a problem. I am qualified to offer different formats of online counselling such as video conferencing, audio, live chat or email and the choice of format is on you. Online formats provide a great way to enjoy the benefits of counselling from the comfort your own home.